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Board Development


Free Complete Toolkit for Boards (links to an external website and opens a new window)
Building an Effective Board of Directors
Essential Elements
NPA Principles of Professional Conduct
What the Board Should Expect from the CEO
Tips for increasing your board member's passion (Benevon)
Board Fund Raising That Works
Board Members and Personal Contributions (Boardsource)
Getting your Board Connected to the Heart of the Mission
The Dynamic Board: Lessons from High Performing Non-Profits (McKinsey & Company)
The Role of the Board
The Strategic Thinking Board
Your Role as Board Catalyst and Morale Builder (Boardsource)
Director/Board Partnership, Book 3 - Executive Director Resource Guide (BBBSC)
Boards, Book 4 - Executive Director Resource Guide (BBBSC)
Model for Local BBBS Boards
Board Development Toolkit(extracted from BBBSA on-line toolkit)
Functions of Effective Board Committees
Keys to Effective Board Meetings
Overview of Non-Profit Boards (Boardsource)


Governance Baseline Questionnaire
Sample Application
Board Development Toolkit
Board Planning Guide - Atlanta
Board Roster Profile
Commitment Letter
Committee Structure - Charlotte
Composition Assessment
Job Description - Charlotte
Job Description - North Texas
Manual Table of Contents
Member Self Evaluation
Orientation Agenda - Charlotte
Orientation Outline - Atlanta
Peer Evaluation
Prospect Profile Nomination
Board Development Plan - BBBS of Anywhere
Board Development Plan - SR-1 Accepted Practices
Board Development Plan - SR-2 Board Composition Assessment
Board Development Plan - SR-3 Prospect Profile Nomination
Board Development Plan - SR-4 Board Application
Board Development Plan - SR-5 Member Nomination Acceptance/Rejection Letter
Board Development Plan - SR-6 Commitment Letter
Board Development Plan - SR-7 Orientation Curriculum
Board Development Plan - SR-8 Board Member Evaluation
Board Development Plan - SR-9 Manual Table of Contents
Board Development Plan - SR-10 Board Duty Calendar
Consent Agendas 1
Consent Agendas 2
Regional Board Job Description - BBBS Northern New Mexico
Board Job Description
Board Application
Board Information Package
Board Review Card
BOD Development Manual, Edna McConnell Clark Fdn.
Rights and Responsibilities of Board Members
Program Report to the Board


Leadership - Critical Task Checklist for New CEOs
Becoming a Model Board: Implementation Checklist
Board Effectiveness Evaluation
Board Member Checklist
Board President Assessment
Dynamic Board Assessment (McKinsey & Company)

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