Child Safety


Talking with Grownups
Relationships (large file)
Strong from the Start - Mentors
Strong from the Start - Parents-Guardians
Strong from the Start - Youth
Strong from the Start - Notes for the Trainer

Empower II: BBBSA Safety Awareness and Sexual Abuse Prevention Training
Training New Mentees: A Manual for Preparing Youth in Mentoring Programs (National Mentoring Center)
Child Safety Training Guidelines (BBBSI): materials from 07 teleconference


Non Serious Occurrence Policy (BBBSC)
Child Safety Policy Statements (BBBSC)
Suggested Child Safety Guidelines (BBBSA)
BBBS of Australia Identity & Medical Card: Volunteers are required to carry this card with them during match activities. The card provides medical information pertaining to the child, emergency contacts and signed consent from both parent and volunteer in the case that medical attention is needed.


Non Serious Occurrence Form(BBBSC)
Post Incident Review
Serious Occurrence Form (BBBSC)

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